Creative Brief

Please fill out all the fields in the following form in as much detail as possible. This will help me in designing your website and will help you to think about your website in more explicit detail including how it will benefit your target audience. I will review your answers and get back to you as soon as possible with estimates and any follow-up questions.

Please note that this creative brief is only the first step in the creative process and is not contractually binding. A 50% deposit is due prior to beginning of any project.

Provide a summary of the current situation. What is your business product or service? What are the current goals?
What are the goals of your website? What is its purpose? What are you trying to accomplish?
Who is the target audience? How should we ideally be communicating with the audience? What are their expectations for your website? How will your website benefit them?
Are there any specific functionality requirements that must be incorporated? (i.e., e-commerce, profiles, etc.) Do you have any design preferences? (i.e., color scheme, prefabricated logos, branding, typographical preferences, etc.) What are features you want to avoid?
Please provide a few examples of websites you find appealing and websites you do not find appealing (make sure to label and explain why).
Are there any deadlines or milestones associated with the project? How will the success of this project be measured?
How will your website be updated and maintained?
Please include any additional questions or information you think may be important moving forward with your project.
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